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2021 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit

March 2nd – 4th, 2021 | San Diego, CA
Gather insights into the latest technologies and methods of new drug formulation and bioavailability enhancement strategies.


2021 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit

It’s no lie the drug development model is in need of a drastic shakeup. With lengthy and costly approval processes, generic incursion, rising development costs and the need for novel adherence strategies, pharma and biotech, now more than ever need to initiate innovative formulation, delivery and development approaches in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic performance.

We’re here to help. The 2021 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit will connect industry leaders from both small molecule and biologics areas to address challenges at the interface between drug discovery and preclinical/clinical development. 2021’s Summit will share cutting edge research on the development, characterization and manufacture of formulations that span multiple modalities. Hear from 30+ senior drug bioavailability pioneers and network with 120+ senior drug development innovators and walk away with over 2 years of new drug formulation and bioavailability enhancement approaches strategies in just 2 days!

Are you looking to improve drug performance, bioavailability and patient adherence? Would you like to reduce dosage, cost and time-to-market? Get involved today at the 2021 Summit and dramatically increase the performance and activity of your current and future drug products.


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You Will Learn

  • Precision medicine & healthcare delivery
  • Rationale formulation design for poorly soluble compounds
  • In-vivo – in-vitro correlation
  • Solution behavior of amorphous solid dispersions
  • Nanosuspension for improving the bioavailability
  • Early formulation screening in drug discovery
  • 3D printing for biopharmaceuticals
  • Enhancing patient adherence via drug delivery
  • Innovative strategies around drug / device combinations

Would You Like To Improve Drug Performance?

Attend and walk away with 2 YEARS worth of new product development strategies, formulation approaches, delivery technologies and regulatory updates while decreasing drug product time-to-market in just 3 days!


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