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I wanted to share some timely tips I think would help exhibitors get the most out or their onsite experience whether they are exhibiting at a small niche event or at an industry tradeshow. Every tip posted is based on my personal experience being involved in various types of events for over 17 years and seeing what I think works best for exhibitors. Most will probably seem very obvious and standard for a lot of companies so apologies if this seems rote, but you never know, if even one tip helps you get that extra sales lead you otherwise would have missed then I’ll be happy.

Tips will be in 3 parts, Part 1: Tips for pre-conference preparation. Part 2: Tips for maximizing your time onsite at an event. Part 3: Tips for post-conference follow-ups. I hope this is of value and ultimately helps increase your attendee traffic onsite at events and helps your company hit those all important business development goals!


So you’ve signed up to exhibit at a particular event, what are some of the things you should be thinking about at this stage?

1. Spreading the word as much as possible about your participation

Whether through dedicated press releases, email marketing, company website event promotion or social media channels, let everyone know where you’ll be exhibiting, what you’re demoing or why you’re going to that particular event. Be consistent with this in the run-up to the event, be creative and spread the word about your involvement!

2. Inviting your customers and prospects (particularly those based in the area of the event) to come meet your company onsite

Following on from number 1, you should absolutely let your database of clients and prospects know where you will be exhibiting and invite them to meet your team onsite. Let them know right away so they have ample time to plan to attend. In my experience, inviting your clients and big prospects to come meet you onsite is one of the most effective ways of either gaining new business or maintaining existing business.

3. Are you sending the right amount of people to exhibit?

Personally, I think you should be sending 2 or more people if you’re exhibiting. It’s a long day for just 1 person regardless of event size and I think a lot of additional lead generation can be missed if sending 1 person. Take a two-pronged approach. You’ll get better results always having one person at the booth and at least one other person working the floor, engaging with attendees during the session break out times, alternating when they need to.

4. Do the people you are sending have enough product knowledge?

You want to make sure whoever is manning the booth is able to ask engaging questions and has extensive product knowledge to answer questions. Be prepped beforehand. If you have someone who is new to the company and learning the ropes, make sure the other person is experienced. Doesn’t hurt to brush up on your competitors before the event begins either to know why you are different from your competitor’s offerings

5. Did you receive an exhibitor guide at least 3 months before the event?

Did you receive the exhibitor guide (which should include relevant deadlines and hotel/event logistics info in the run-up to the event)? If not, you should get on that right away. Know where to send packages/booth cases, hotel booking info and set up/take down times. You can schedule your travel and accommodation accordingly and at the best prices generally.

I hope these pre-conference preparation tips helped and please feel free to either comment below or email me at with any other tips/suggestions. Always keen on feedback!

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