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With San Diego’s 3rd MedDev eMarketing Summit WEST just over 1 month away (Time flies!), I thought it would be timely to post some more valuable advice and tactics to make the most out of the exhibitor experience not just with us but for any future events your company participates in throughout the year. Again, most of these are based on personal experience and some may seem very obvious but it never hurts to have a refresher!

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1. Have your company do a speaking engagement at the show

Your booth traffic will increase exponentially if you have a company representative speaking at the show. Attendees will know more about you and what you do, and seek you out afterwards if you have given a valuable talk beforehand. Don’t do a sales pitch though. Make your talk more case-study and educational focused so it goes over better with the audience.

2. Make extensive use of social media (particularly onsite)

Join Linked In Groups specific to the event beforehand, like the event organizers Facebook page and routinely post questions and related content to engage and show your expertise to the community.

Onsite at the event, follow the conference hashtag and participate in discussion to generate onsite engagement. Get testimonials and upload photos and videos of your booth area in real time to generate buzz.

3. Brush up on your competitors before the event begins

Are your competitors going to be at the event also? If so, read up on them and know their products. Most importantly though, know why you are different from the competition so you can compare and contrast products with who you speak with onsite. This extra product knowledge is invaluable.

4. Don’t rely on the free WI-FI at the venue for demo’s etc

I’ve seen many exhibitors get caught out with this down the years. Relying on the event Wi-Fi is not recommended. You’re best to either purchase your own internet beforehand with the hotel or better yet bring a demo that won’t require use of the internet. Don’t get caught out last minute due to Wi-FI connectivity problems!

5. Make sure you know the setup & take down times

Is set up the night before or the morning of the event? Or is take down after the last break or when the event finishes? Times can vary with each event. Make sure you are aware of what the set up and take down times are so as to schedule your travel and accommodation accordingly.

I hope this helps and please feel free to either comment below or email me at with any other tips/suggestions to include in Part 5.

Additionally, there is still sponsorship and exhibit opportunities available at San Diego’s 3rd MedDev eMarketing Summit WEST May 15-16, 2018 – The Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA). If you are interested in viewing the full program, download our brochure here

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