Virtual Cyber Security: Post Pandemic

10.00am – 5.00pm ET Nov 2nd 2021 | 1 Day Online Event

Helping Protect Against, Mitigate, & Respond to Data Breaches, Advanced Persistent Threats, & Cyber Attacks Post Pandemic

The pandemic has changed corporate culture for many industries forever and created a new set of opportunities for cybercriminals. Significant spikes in phishing attacks, malspams and ransomware attacks were reported by various sources in 2020, especially in the earlier months of the COVID-19 outbreak. From remote working to COVID-19 themed phishing scams, and with so many people working from home (WFH), remote devices have become targets too tempting for cyberattackers to ignore. Your mobile device or personal computer being particularly vulnerable.

Now, as vaccinations are being rolled out across the world, it is expected that we will likely still see a variety of even more sophisticated cyber-threats using COVID-19 as a cover to impersonate brands thereby misleading employees and customers. Remote Access Trojans will continue to be prevalent as well as remote working for employees being an increased risk for outside hackers to exploit. Organizations must remain vigilant and continually rethink their cyber risk management measures.

Join us for the Virtual Cyber Security: Post Pandemic event which will delve into these threats, what we learned, and what preventative measures we can use to protect organizations from cyber threats in the post-pandemic world.

Register online and book your place for only $199 today! By registering, also included are On-Demand recordings of each session so you and your team don’t miss a thing!

Who Should Attend?

Cross-industry senior professionals including:

  • Principals
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Security Officers / CISOs
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Security Solutions
  • Network Architects
  • Corporate Counsels
  • Technology Security
  • Systems Engineering
  • Threat Analytics
  • Product Management

This would also be of interest to?

This event is also of relevance to:

  • Component suppliers / Vendors
  • Software providers
  • Consultants
  • Legal
  • Academics
  • Technology experts

This event is specifically targeted for multiple-sized cross-industry organizations and senior-level professionals focused in:

  • IT
  • Data security
  • Information security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Marketing

Key Sessions Include:

  • Cybercrime’s Rise in the Era of COVID-19
  • The Weaponization of Social Media
  • Protecting your Remote Workforce from Cyber Threats
  • Improving Threat Detection for 2021 and Beyond
  • Hacking Healthcare, Patching Pacemakers, and Defending Data: The Critical Condition of IoT Security
  • New Digital Identity Verification for the Post Pandemic World
  • The Increased Role of AI & Machine Learning
  • Rebuilding Trust after a Cyber Attack
  • Leading High Performing Teams During a Global Pandemic
  • Thinking like a Cyber Attacker
  • Leading Vulnerability Management Programs
  • Building New Types of Innovation into Cyber Security

Ready To Join Us?

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