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Now more than ever do drug development companies need to collaborate, not compete, on efforts to fight the coronavirus, and develop other much-needed preventive measures to benefit patient outcomes. 

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In response, we have worked with multiple leading drug product development executives to develop the much-needed, Virtual Drug Product Innovation Toolkit.

This digital learning and collaboration tool is specifically designed to help you and your team learn, network and stay up-to-date with advances in the world of rapidly advancing industrial drug product development, all remotely. All instant, affordable and accessible to your team from anywhere!

What exactly is the Virtual Drug Product Innovation Toolkit
and how can it help me?

This unique digital tool is specifically designed to help you and your R&D teams learn and utilize new product development strategies and approaches, collaborate and network with industry experts – all virtually at your convenience.

Your team will have access to 115+ innovative drug development approaches and strategies, as well as connect directly with leading drug development industry speakers and innovators. Approaches cover discovery, formulation and development, clinical, delivery strategy and manufacturing – all for multiple dosage forms and all specifically designed to help advance your multiple R&D groups simultaneously.

We are committed to servicing the drug development industry and have collaborated and developed this unique tool to enable you and your team to continue to develop life-saving drug candidates, whilst decreasing time-to-market. This toolkit enables instant, affordable and accessible strategies to your team from anywhere!

Interested? See for yourself below…

Toolkit Components Include:

  1. Access 115+ innovative presentations and case studies from leading drug development innovators from  our drug development/commercialization Summits
  2. Connect directly to multiple leading industry speakers and innovators through our portal
  3. Be part of the rapidly-growing Drug Product Development Digital Network and access 1000’s of additional blog content, video content, white papers and multiple industry case studies / examples
  4. Access 50+ digital presentations & case studies from the 2021 Summits (listed below)
  5. 50% off 2021 Controlled & Modified Release / 2021 Peptide Drug Design & Delivery  / 2021 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit attendee registrations


Let us send you a taster of what you get, as well as answer any questions you and your team have regarding the  drug product development content, strategies, package details and more.

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