2nd Medical Device Marketing Post Pandemic Summit

10am – 3.00pm ET Nov 30th – Dec 1st 2021 | 2 Day Online Summit


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The big question for medical device companies is how do they continue to make their digital marketing efforts effective in engaging the life sciences community post-pandemic? With many past marketing and engagement strategies now rendered obsolete, many medical device companies are currently experiencing the inevitable downturn in fortunes as a result.

As we slowly get back to normal, and with the ever-changing digital landscape comes new opportunities and innovations for growth and sustainability. Join us for this special 2-day online 2nd Medical Device Marketing: Post Pandemic event, and learn from leading medical device marketing experts, sharing their own personal stories and case studies on finding a successful long-term digital strategy in a post-Covid 19 world. 

Why you should attend:

  • Hear direct from medical device experts who were in the trenches and transformed their own organization’s campaigns to resounding financial success.
  • Learn from them about what worked, what didn’t, lessons learned, and what is ahead for the future
  • Gain multiple innovative go-to-market & actionable take-home strategies you can apply to your medical device organization
  • Network with other medical device marketing professionals and join our growing community of digital marketing professionals
  • Each attendee will receive access to the talks On-Demand post-event
  • Don’t miss your chance to be part of the new digital health movement!

This event is a virtual spin-off from our popular live event The MedDev eMarketing Summit (currently scheduled for March 2022) and it’s a virtual event designed to ensure your company doesn’t get left behind and lose crucial and perhaps even fatal market share to other digitally advanced organizations in this new post-pandemic age. Take the first step to finding a successful long-term digital strategy post-pandemic by booking your online ticket for only $399 today! (On-Demand recordings included)

2021 Themes Include:


  • Interaction & innovation – Lessons learned during the Pandemic
  • Leveraging future marketing strategies Post Pandemic
  • Digital Demand Generation: Post Pandemic
  • Omnichannel and next-generation customer engagement strategy for Medtech
  • Adjusting to the new normal: Digital Marketing Post Covid-19
  • Interactive NOT digital
  • What happens when things go back to some sort of normal for medical device marketers?
  • What is practical today for virtual customer engagement & content marketing?
  • Integrating new post-pandemic methods with the tried & true
  • Hands-on education during COVID: Reinventing your marketing strategy for the new norm

And many more……

[Previous Virtual Speakers Included]

Michael Krachon

Michael Krachon

VP Business Development


Erich Faust

Erich Faust

Executive Director of Surgical Marketing


Sanjay  Shrivastava

Sanjay Shrivastava

Senior Director, Business Development

Johnson & Johnson

Debbie Donavan

Debbie Donavan

Director, Market Development, HCP

Cala Health

Ajoy Mahtab

Ajoy Mahtab

Business Unit Head, Clinical Labs

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Ayaz Malik

Ayaz Malik

Group Marketing Manager Digital Strategy


Ramin Mousavi

Ramin Mousavi

VP Patient Monitoring & Head of Digital Health

Baxter International

Maaza Martin

Maaza Martin

Marketing Director

Tarus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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