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Virtual PR Crisis Communications: Post Pandemic

10.00am – 5.00pm ET Dec 1st 2021 | 1 Day Online Event

A cross-industry PR leadership summit to prepare for effective crisis communications in the post pandemic world

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing, crisis communications has become even more vital with companies and brands now under more scrutiny than ever as a result of their handling of the pandemic. Even the smallest incident of a negative handling of the pandemic can potentially snowball into a PR crisis and every organization – from Fortune 500s to start-ups, is vulnerable. 

So what can a brand do when its image is tarnished by others? Careful preparation, timely and accurate communications and an enterprise-level communication strategy, can make the difference between breaking down a company’s reputation and successful incident response. 

Unfortunately, many organizations are ill-prepared to communicate in one voice to the multitude of constituents listening across a variety of platforms and various touchpoints. The slower the response, the more damage is incurred and many organizations miss the opportunity to continue rebuilding company and brand reputation beyond the incident response communication. 

Our Virtual PR Crisis Communications Summit is a not-to-be-missed event to learn how to effectively set-up internally and prepare for a crisis, as well as respond in a time-efficient manner, and potentially turn a crisis into a commercial opportunity with effective communication strategies, presented by a unique lineup of multiple top practitioner professionals and prominent academics across various industries.

Virtual attendees will learn valuable lessons on how to: 

  • IDENTIFY the types of crisis and their aspects they may deal with in the future
  • BUILD a crisis plan and implement throughout their organisation in the event of a PR crisis
  • DEVELOP and manage a crisis management team to deal with a crisis situation
  • TURN a PR crisis into a commercial opportunity with effective communication strategies.

Register online and book your place for only $199 today. By registering, also included are On-Demand recordings of each session so you and your team don’t miss a thing!

2021 Themes Include:


  • Anticipate crises: Establishing notification and monitoring systems, testing your brand’s crisis resilience
  • Identifying the players – building the right crisis communications team and spokespeople
  • Post-crisis analysis: Reputation rebounding
  • Media’s role in crisis management today
  • Crisis preparedness and management through a pandemic
  • Commenting to media during a crisis



  • Litigation and Communication in times of crisis
  • When social media lands you in hot water 
  • Understanding the strategic importance behind building an enterprise-level crisis communication system
  • Bridging the communication gap between global affiliates in times of crisis
  • The do’s and don’ts of apologizing
  • Responding vs. not responding in a crisis situation

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