Do you assist pharma & biotech in development, formulation & delivery?
Sales impacted currently?

We can Help!

The ‘Virtual Lead Generation & Exposure Toolkit’ will help to quickly replenish your pipeline and help you generate new business: all from the comfort of your own home.

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Don’t let the impact of the current economic crisis or remote working environments impact your sales and BD goals. In response, we have developed a unique lead generation package, which will help you get your business and sales pipeline back on track quickly, and in an affordable manner.

This toolkit will give you access to your target market of drug development and delivery professionals who had participated in our previous Summits, and through facilitated introductions on your behalf, we’ll connect you with the people who are interested in hearing from you…. All from the comfort of your own home

Sound good? That’s only part of the incredible value this toolkit offers! Read on and then schedule a simple 5 min strategy consultation with us below.

“It’s rare for us to be able to work side by side with event organizers, and both Mark and Simon listen to our needs to create a win for our company”

Rob Sterling

Director Business Development, Foster Delivery Science

The Virtual Lead Generation & Exposure Toolkit Includes:

  1. Digital access to 6 years of drug development/commercialization Summit attendees
  2. 10 direct facilitated introductions with our senior participants of your choosing
  3. Share a piece of your company solution content with our 42,000+ senior pharma/biotech subscribers
  4. 25% off future Summit event sponsorships & exhibits

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Additionally, let us provide you a complimentary digital strategy, specific to your needs and objectives, as well as answer any questions you and your team have regarding the Virtual Lead Generation & Exposure Package details and more.

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