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Fueled by the growth of the digital health movement and a rapidly expanding network of leading digital marketing pioneers willing to share their own digital strategies, we believe there is even more need for collaborative discussion on how industry engages patients and consumers in the digital age.

Furthermore, we believe our unique, fun and interactive “TED-styled” format will help the pharma/ biotech and medical device industry enhance their event learning and networking experience, providing up to 2 years worth of training, strategies and tools needed to find a successful long-term digital strategy in only 3 days. The question we get asked a lot is…….. What do we mean by a ‘TED-styled’ Summit?

There are 3 key factors:

1. Our sessions are RAPID, QUICK-FIRE talks no longer than 20 minutes

The majority of 2019’s sessions are short, powerful, dynamic talks (no more than 20 minutes long with a 10 min Q & A), delivered by our speakers in order to enhance engagement, interact better, deliver powerful ideas and be easily absorbable and digestible for the audience, in a time-sensitive manner. Over the years, we have refined this summit format to benefit YOU, the attendee in order to gain maximum take-aways from each session No more dry and boring ‘Seminar Syndrome’!

2. We curate speakers PASSIONATE about what they do

2019’s Summits are specifically curated of a highly distinguished and impactful faculty of healthcare innovators/digital health pioneers including Rand Fishkin and Ted Rubin. We recruit people passionate about what they do, talking from personal experience in disrupting healthcare, enhancing and engaging next-generation digital strategies and sharing what they see as the exciting possibilities created by the ever-evolving digital health revolution!

3. 2019’s sessions will take YOU on a POWERFUL JOURNEY

Although the talks themselves are concise and focused, they are specifically designed to take the audience on a journey from uncertainty and challenges, to idea creation, and actionable steps taken that transformed their campaigns and overall success. This is all done in a format enabling YOU to maximize your takeaways from each session. Our 2019 speakers will share these steps with you and inspire you with their visions for the future of marketing, sales, and business!

Finally, the idea is more powerful than the message. You should never underestimate the power of creative thinking as a skill, nor take for granted the power of having a great idea and taking those first few steps to set the plan in motion. If you believe this and it’s potential exponential impact on digital health, you should consider joining us in San Diego this coming May at the 2019 Biopharma eMarketing Summit & 2019 MedDev eMarketing Summit (13th-15th May, 2019). 

Be a part of the digital health movement and join a rapidly expanding network of leading digital marketing pioneers willing to share their own digital strategies that have transformed their campaigns and organization’s overall success in a unique, interactive, engaging 3-day summit! May’s unique event includes an interactive and dialogue-driven environment filled with panel discussions, engaging case-studies, roundtables, “TED-styled” talks, keynotes, hands-on sessions and more providing unbridled access to best practices, valuable insights, tools and techniques for making the most of your marketing and sales campaigns. May’s events share an exhibit area catering to both a senior-level pharmaceutical and medical device digital marketing audience of approximately 250 participants and 50 leading expert speakers. 

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