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Juniper Pharmaceuticals

Juniper Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: JNP) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutics that address unmet medical needs in women’s health. Our pipeline will initially leverage the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway with new formulations of existing pharmaceuticals. We are leveraging in-house pharmaceutical development, clinical trial supply manufacturing, and analytical capabilities to advance an internal product pipeline, while also providing valuable intellectual property-related consultative services to our pharmaceutical industry customers. Future pipeline products will utilize our novel drug delivery technologies, including our proprietary bioadhesive delivery system (BDS) and a segmented intra-vaginal ring (IVR) developed in the laboratories of Dr. Robert Langer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dr. William Crowley at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Juniper is positioned for success with a highly experienced leadership team in combination with a strong balance sheet and positive cash flows to fund a proprietary pipeline for long term value creation. Visit us: http://www.juniperpharma.com/.


Alcami is a world-class supplier of comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services headquartered in Wilmington, NC. Operating at seven sites in the United States and Europe, we provide flexible, transparent and innovative services to small and mid-size pharma and biotech companies by offering individualized and integrated services across Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Drug Product, Development Services, and Analytical Testing. We strive to be the most customer-focused and reliable partner built on safety, compliance, strong scientific expertise and leading technologies. Visit Us: www.alcaminow.com

Fluid Air

Fluid Air’s patent-pending PolarDryTM Spray Dryers utilizes revolutionary Electrostatic Technology, provides low temperature spray drying, near perfect encapsulation and selective agglomeration in the creation of particles. Years of development have proven that PolarDryTM technology has many advantages that include superior morphology, higher bulk density, longer shelf life, non-reactive processing, minimal emissions and low energy consumption. This new Technology will provide the means to make your formulation ideas a reality. Applications include API production where high temperature is a limiting factor, new avenues for drug delivery where perfect encapsulation is a must. Visit www.fluidairinc.com.

Absorption Systems

Absorption Systems supports pharmaceutical and medical device companies in identifying and overcoming ADMET barriers in development of drugs and medical devices. The company’s mission is to continually develop innovative research tools that can be used to accurately predict human outcomes or to explain unanticipated human outcomes when they occur.  Visit www.absorption.com to view our comprehensive contract services and applied research programs.


Gattefossé provides innovative excipients and drug delivery solutions to health industries worldwide. Simplifying formulation decisions and shortening the drug development path are at the heart of the Gattefossé product offer. The product list includes solubilizers, emulsifiers, bioavailability enhancers, sustained-release matrix formers, and penetration enhancers for oral, topical, injectable, vaginal, and other routes of administration. Each excipient is fully characterized by physico-chemical properties and safety profile. Guidance documents for formulation design in preclinical as well as late development stages are also available. Through a network of over 60 subsidiaries and highly trained technical staff, Gattefossé ensures timely technical support to its customers. Visit http://www.gattefosse.com/.


ProMed Pharma specializes in the molding of drug-loaded silicones and thermoplastics and leverages this expertise to manufacture long-term implants and combination devices under cGMP.  Working with established and early stage companies, we utilize robust manufacturing processes for controlled release of drugs utilizing a variety of materials.  From clinical trial materials to commercial products, ProMed supports pharmaceutical and medical device companies developing controlled release formulations including subcutaneous, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and ophthalmic implants, intravaginal rings, and steroid-eluting components.

Visit www.promedpharmallc.com


Bachem is a listed technology-based company focused on peptide chemistry. The company provides a full range of services to the pharma and biotech industries. It specializes in the development of innovative, efficient manufacturing processes and the reliable production of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. A comprehensive catalog of biochemicals and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs complete the service portfolio. Headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Europe and the US, the group has a global reach with more experience and know-how than any other company in the industry. Towards its customers, Bachem shows total commitment to quality, innovation and partnership.

Visit www.bachem.com


Foster Delivery Science focuses solely on Hot Melt Extrusion to blend client’s API’s into polymers for the purpose of enhancing solubility and bioavailability,  or creating local delivery solutions.  For over 10 years, Foster has provided clients formulation development, scale-up, clinical trial material and has expanded into a new 32,000 square foot GMP facility producing oral formulations, implants, films, and single strand fibers.   We can offer our expertise to create co-extrusions where more than one release rate is required, or blending more than one API into a single formulation. Our facilities are located in Putnam, CT, just west of Boston for a short 75 minute drive.

. Visit www.deliveryscience.com

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