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“74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event marketing experience”

– Event Marketing Institute

Enhancing your attendance at a conference with dedicated branding opportunities is a great way to promote your brand, generate leads and build business relationships. If you want to exceed your own sales and marketing targets for 2019, here are 5 reasons why a branding sponsorship may be a good fit for you:

1You’ll get lots of pre-event exposure without having to do too much!

Most event organizers will have your logo on all their pre-event marketing (website, brochures, email campaigns, social media channels for example) opening you up to a whole new potential audience pre-conference without you having to do too much! Having logo branding immediately associates you with the conference and increases credibility.

2. You’ll be ‘front of mind’ with all the attendees during the event!

Having your logo on attendee badges (all attendees have badges and it’s the first thing people look at onsite), or promoted on the event Wi-Fi network (your logo, customized password and url on every attendees smartphone, iPad or Laptop like the example above) are great examples of promoting your company on site and being ‘front of mind’, reinforcing your brand throughout the entire event.

3. You’ll gain branding exposure long after the event!

Being able to supply and have your logo on items such as conference tote bags, notepads & pens and folders for example, gives you long term brand exposure post-conference. All attendees get them and will take the item home with them, which will continually reinforce your brand to them long after the event ends!

4. You’ll be the EXCLUSIVE sponsor on most branding opportunities!

For certain events (including Curtis & Coulter events), most branding sponsorships are only available for 1 sponsor, giving you complete exclusivity and not having your brand awareness diluted by other sponsors or indeed competitors.

5. You’ll increase your chances of ROI!

Having additional branding both pre, during and post-conference will only increase your chances of other attendees knowing who you are, your relationship to the event and how your company can help them. If you’re taking 2-5 days out of the office (depending on the event size) and traveling far in many cases, increased branding presence will aid you in maximizing your time onsite and having more valuable conversations.


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