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I wanted to share a few general tips for conference exhibitors that I hope will help create abetter onsite experience whether exhibiting at a small niche event or at any industry trade-show.

Every tip posted is based on my personal experience of being onsite at various types of events for over 15 years now and seeing the do’s and don’t for myself. Most will probably seem very obvious and standard for a lot of exhibiting companies so apologies if this seems rote, but you never know, if even one tip helps a company get that extra sales lead they otherwise would have missed then I’ll be happy.

5 tips for being an engaging exhibitor:

Have more than 1 person from your company man the booth
Typically having only 1 person at a booth happens at smaller events but I think a lot of additional lead generation can be missed. Take a two-pronged approach. You’ll get better results always having one person at the booth and at least one other person working the floor, iConference sponsorship hallntroducing yourself and engaging with attendees during the session break out times, alternating when you need to.

Don’t be on your phone while at the booth
This is a big no-no and can be very temping to do during quieter periods. People are always around even during session time and you can waste valuable exhibitor time doing this and it looks uninviting to the attendees. Always be approachable, friendly and welcoming.

Make sure your booth is welcoming and not intimidating for the attendees
You want your booth area to be an approachable and welcoming environment for visitors. Personally, if you’re at the booth, I wouldn’t sit behind the table at the front creating a barrier and being less inviting, I’d put the table to one side to create an open, welcoming space for the attendees to speak to you.

Make sure the exhibitors have enough product knowledge
You want to make sure whoever is manning the booth is able to ask engaging questions and has extensive product knowledge to answer questions. Be prepped beforehand, have a few questions of your own prepared. If you have someone who is new to the company and learning the ropes, make sure the other person is experienced.

Have free giveaways and competitions at your booth
Very obvious but always highly recommended as they definitely work. It’s fun and a great way to get booth visitors and collect valuable information. Get creative with this stuff. Having a great prize or a really creative and unique free giveaway with your company logo for attendees will always make you stand out from the crowd.

There are lots and lots of tips to give out for this subject but these 5 are a good starting off point and if you find this post valuable, please let me know below or email me at and I’ll post some more soon. Our aim at Curtis & Coulter with these blogs is to provide free valuable advice on various aspects of conference participation so your feedback is most welcome!

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