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One of our partners Vennli has recently published a white-paper on AI-powered content intelligence as it relates to the major themes of our forthcoming ‘TED-style’ 2020 BioPharma eMarketing Summit in San Diego on December 1-3 2020. The white-paper entitled ‘7 Steps to Get Ahead of Marketing’s Next Big Disruption’ will help any marketer harness the power of content intelligence.

With recent advances in the use of AI for marketing, we’re facing one of the most potentially disruptive periods in modern marketing. Disruption has become the norm these days. But that doesn’t make navigating it any easier. AI-powered content intelligence can help your company stand out in a crowded marketplace to give your audience the personalized attention they demand, but it may be difficult to get buy-in from colleagues.

With these 7 steps, this will allow you to get your teammates on board, harness the power of content intelligence, and deliver a more effective content strategy. The 7 steps in brief are:

  1. Accept the role of change agent
  2. Understand the ‘Why” behind content intelligence
  3. Get buy-in from the top
  4. Overcome the resistance
  5. Choose the right content intelligence solution
  6. Take Action
  7. Maintain a commitment to look ahead

For a more in-depth look at each of these 7 steps that are critical for moving forward with content intelligence as the center of your marketing strategies, we invite you to download the full white-paper via the button below. We hope this will aid you and your company in getting ahead of marketing’s next big disruption, and deliver a more effective content strategy moving forward.

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