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At Curtis & Coulter, we believe that a live event should be a rich, rewarding experience of learning and community building, where you can create and share moments of genuine connection with fellow attendees, speakers and sponsors and organically develop long-lasting business connections and friendships with each other.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe that through the dynamic power of storytelling, we can inspire, teach and move people more than the ‘traditional’ conference model. Put simply, when you tell a great story, you spark a connection. And when the story is told by a peer talking through personal experience, about having similar challenges to you and how they overcame them, it can be a real game-changer for inspiration and generating new ideas.

Great stories are a powerful method for learning. A simple, entertaining and relatable story aligned with the problems and challenges the audience has experienced themselves, is a wonderful way to create trust and forge stronger deeper connections during the limited time you have at an event. It’s also creates a much more fun experience for everyone while learning!

At Curtis & Coulter, we have created a unique, interactive, story-telling TED-style format with curated speakers/storytellers passionate about what they do and eager to share THEIR STORY and personal experiences, warts and all. The audience is taken on a powerful but very relatable journey from uncertainty and challenges, then to idea creation and decisions, and then focussing on the actionable steps taken that ultimately led to success.

So do you have a great healthcare marketing story to tell?

If you are a marketer involved in healthcare, we hope you will join us for the co-located 2020 BioPharma eMarketing and 2020 MedDev eMarketing Summits in San Diego (December 1-3). There, you will meet and network with other storytellers like New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Patel and in-demand TED speaker Bryan Kramer sharing their own personal stories on finding a successful long-term digital strategy in this unique, engaging “TED-style” Summit!

Join over 250+ senior marketing leadership pioneers looking to advance their marketing and engagement campaigns. These events are designed BY industry, FOR industry, providing a fun, highly interactive forum for 100s of creative minds, thinkers and digital marketers to share invaluable best practices, insights, tools and techniques for making the most of your marketing and sales campaigns.

Don’t miss out on being part of the Digital Health Revolution by joining us in San Diego this December!

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