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In a connection economy, relationships are the new currency. If you want to continue to reach your customers in this hyper-competitive age of social media, your marketing needs to focus on building relationships. Your metrics need to expand beyond ROI to include ROR: Return on Relationship™, #ROR. While ROI is simple dollars and cents, ROR is about people…including the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through connection, loyalty, recommendations and sharing.

Are you looking to revolutionize your pharma digital marketing strategy in 2020? Would you like to hear directly from the healthcare industry’s leading digital marketing disrupters and game-changers?

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  1. MESSAGE TO BUSINESSES: Change Your Framework Change Your Future
  2. Welcome to the Age of Influence… where anyone can build an audience and effect change, advocate brands, build relationships, and make a difference.
  3. Fans, Friends, Followers
 Audience? Or Asset?
  4. One by One…
  5. Social is a facilitator of relationships, it is not the relationship itself!
  6. • Based on interaction • Consistency • True to your word, authentic, and genuine Trust is Built
  7. A “Brand” is what a business does, and a “Reputation” is what people remember and share.
  8. Think REPUTATION, not ranking… CONNECTION, not network… LOYALTY, not celebrity.
  9. If you are only focused on the Money
 You risk completely overlooking the People Just Be Nice!
  10. Most constomers are inviting you into their living room and offices…
  11. JetBlue Gets It! Return on Relationship
  12. The Ritz-Carlton Brands It! Return on Relationship
  13. Hertz Lives It! Return on Relationship
  14. AT&T is Grabbing It! Return on Relationship
  15. In today’s market, REAL trumps PERFECT because real is what creates…
  16. Businesses are from Mars, Customers are from Venus… Folks, you need to change the way you communicate!
  17. 1. Listen 2. Make it be about THEM 3. Ask “How can I serve you?” 4. Aim for Ongoing Engagement 5. Look People in the Eye Digitally
  18. Listen for “Moments” and Make it Personal
  19. Think like a child… and change your creative mindset to one that works!
  20. Empower Creativity
  21. A brand will become critically valuable to employees if they invest their personal brand & resources in it.
 Loyalty Marketing from Within EmpowerYour Employees and they will Power your brand
  23. When someone asks me… what is the ROI of Social? I ask… what is the ROI of Trust and what is the ROI of Loyalty?
  24. Being Social drives Engagement, Engagement drives Loyalty and Advocacy, and both correlate directly to Increased Sales.
 ROR (#RonR) = ROI
  25. Awareness = Revenues Differentiators = Margins Authenticity = Loyalty/Advocacy All Measurable AND = Increased Sales/Profits.
  26. Amplify Customer Experience • Make it better by ”really” listening to them • Always address them by name • Be useful, Be interesting… stay clear of one-size-fits all • People love to share… make it easy • Engage/Captivate… and make Remarkable • Empower your Employees and they’ll Power your Brand
  27. TM At the end of the day, these platforms are built for fun. Have some!
  28. You know what doesn’t work for a social strategy? NOT BEING SOCIAL!
  29. BE GOOD TO PEOPLE #BeGoodToPeople
  30. Return on Relationship back cover quote… “In the connection economy, trust and relationships are the new currency. It’s not a soft thing you do in your spare time, it’s the heart and soul of your business.” ~Seth Godin,Author ofTribes z @TedRubin TedRubin.com ReturnOnRelationship.com Photofy.com tedrubin@gmail.com

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