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Customer Experience Marketing for New Products in Emerging Markets

Creating the ultimate digital customer experience is a goal that organizations across all types of industries are talking about. Healthcare organizations should be at the top of the list, working to make their practices positively connect with their patient communities, digitally. Customer experience is the combined interactions a customer has with your brand. It looks at the lifecycle of the customer, mapping each and every touchpoint the customer has with you. It highlights where you’re delivering an exceptional experience, building loyalty and advocacy. And where you’re delivering a poor experience, driving your customers to competitors. Customer experience, meanwhile, is about showing up for the customer when and where they need you, with ease and consistency on their part. And it’s about making sure every interaction with the company is memorable and meaningful. It’s not transactional — it’s relational.

But how can multinational companies turn ideas from their emerging-market subsidiaries into global products? Some examples of a successful strategy and innovation in this area have been developed by Cisco’s R&D unit in India, which offers practical insights into how to make that process work effectively. This has been discussed further in MIT’s sloan Management Review.

For more than a decade, multinational enterprises from developed countries have been moving a substantial part of their research and development (R&D) activity to emerging markets such as India and China. While the location of R&D centers in other developed countries has been driven by lucrative markets or specific expertise available in the local ecosystems of those countries, the location of R&D in developing countries has been driven largely by the availability of skilled manpower at low cost. At first, these R&D centers in emerging markets operated largely as extended arms of R&D in the home country, executing well-defined projects under close supervision from headquarters.

Are you and your brand effectively engaging patient and HCP communities in emerging markets the best way you possibly can?

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In response, this week’s available presentation is titled “Customer Experience Marketing for New Products in Emerging Markets” from healthcare marketing and product expert, Josef Bednarik, Director, US Medical Affairs, Eli Lilly & Co from the 2019 BioPharma eMarketing Summit. This presentation uncovers novel strategies for harmonizing your marketing and sales, details Customer Experience Mapping – How to achieve this so you can collect insights and innovations and Customer Experience Design – Using service innovation and human-centered design to design exceptional customer experiences that minimize customer effort and create habits. Additionally it discusses predicting consumer behavior to accelerate sales in various emerging regions.  ​

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