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E-patients are empowered, equipped, enabled, and engaged.”

Malcolm Bohm, CEO, Liquid Grids

Of the 89% of adults that use the internet, 72% search for their health online; of those that are 18-24 years of age, over 80% are more than likely to share health information through social media channels and nearly 90% would trust the information they found there. On any given day approximately 100 Million people are online searching, sharing and engaging in healthcare dialogue. Many of us are in fact documenting our health online.

These healthcare consumers, often referred to as epatients, are actively engaged in sourcing credible and useful information about their health and that of their connections. The major opportunity lies in how to influence these people in a targeted way.

Malcolm Bohm , CEO of Liquid Grids has an interesting white paper I’d like to share with you called ‘Listening to the Voice of the Healthcare Consumer”. In it he will talk about new ways of using social health intelligence and how this can be used to engage the healthcare consumer. To view his white paper click here.

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