Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the great Chris Brogan (CEO of Owner Media Group, marketing genius and the NY Times bestselling author). Chris has kindly agreed to keynote our forthcoming MedDev eMarketing Summit in San Diego, next February.

“You live or die by your database” – Advice advice Jeff Pulver gave Chris before they started their work together back in 2006. This meant that if you care and nurture a list of people subscribed to your newsletter, and if you treated them like the most important people in your world, that you’d earn the right to sell and serve those people, and keep your business thriving. During our call today, Chris commented on the importance of modern-day marketing leadership qualities which can dramatically breathe new life into your existing or stale campaigns in addition to creating sustainable, future marketing divisions.

Given our audience of a multitude of medical device marketing professionals spanning the C-Suite to Product Managers, from Fortune 500 companies to Startups, there is no one better than Chris when providing some “air support for the ground troops”. We are delighted to have him keynote February’s event and his experiences and perspectives will add significant value to the medical device industry. Below is a snippet of Chris’s February keynote talk (Full program details here)

Marketing Leadership in the New Digital World to Nurture Your Business
Your customers have changed. They don’t have time. They don’t want to get on the phone right away. They don’t want a nice pen. Your marketing team has changed – far too often, it seems. The WAY people market has changed a lot (hello, digital!), but how people buy and why they buy and how you can lead marketing and sales professionals to deliver a powerful relationship-minded experience for your customers is something that’s at once timeless and yet new again. Join business advisor and New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan for a talk that spans the highest levels and provides actionable next steps as well.

Chris Brogan is CEO of Owner Media Group, a highly sought after professional speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of eight books and counting, including The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, and Trust Agents. Chris has spoken for or consulted with the biggest brands you know, including Disney, Coke, Google, GM, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Titleist, Scotts, Humana Health, Cisco, Sony USA, and many more. Forbes listed Chris as one of the Must-Follow Marketing Minds of 2014, plus listed his website as one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. Follow @chrisbrogan

To listen to Chris’s latest free podcast, click here. Thanks for the shoutout at the end Chris!

Different to traditional industry events, The MedDev eMarketing Summit is taking place in San Diego on 16-17 February 2016. By attending this “TED-esq” style event, attendees will be enabled to fuel their device-marketing strategies as an engine for growth, to unlock revenue, gain aggressive market share, build stronger brands and secure individual successes as a marketing leader. From hands-on training to breakout sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques for making the most of marketing and sales campaigns, whether new to digital marketing or an experienced veteran.

Attendees will leave this conference empowered to turn your digital challenges into a strategic path forward. Objective insights, guidance, innovative case study examples, answers to important questions and business-building decision support…all from the trusted experts in medical device marketing and sales.

Chris and I hope to see some of you at the MedDev eMarketing Summit next February!

Good luck, and happy marketing!

Simon Curtis

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