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͞Mobile internet is now growing at the expense of all other media. Seventy percent of internet use is now on a mobile, and the use of a desktop for internet will fall by almost 16 per cent this year.

– Jonathan Barnard, Zenith, Head of Forecasting

Recent surveys still suggest that Healthcare is still some ways behind other industries when to comes to investing in digital and we wanted to share with you a presentation from Silverlight Digital that reveals some interesting data to help pharmaceutical & healthcare advertisers take advantage of mobile trends to increase performance in today’s marketplace.

Michael Ackerman (VP of Business Development at Silverlight Digital) has kindly shared their deck titled “Mobile Trends In Pharma & Healthcare Advertising” which details many benefits to initiating mobile initiatives in your healthcare advertising campaigns. Michael and his team have conducted a survey of how mobile devices and searches impacted paid search performance in pharmaceutical & healthcare accounts, and the results lead to identifying the 6 crucial ways that advertisers can learn from other industries to stay ahead in mobile advertising. We hope you will find it useful.

Additionally, if you are a medical device marketing professional interested in learning how to implement new mobile advertising approaches for you and your team, consider joining us next month at the 2nd Annual MedDev eMarketing Summit East 29-30 November, 2017 – The Westin Hotel, Philadelphia, PA). This unique event provides a platform for medical device industry marketing, product management, sales, digital and brand management executives to learn from case studies, benchmark against shared best practices and understand key criteria needed in order to effectively initiate and leverage a digital marketing campaign for product and brand success. May’s event includes an interactive and dialogue-driven environment filled with panel discussions, engaging case-studies, roundtables, “TED-style” talks, keynotes, hands-on sessions and more providing unbridled access to best practices, valuable insights, tools and techniques for making the most of your marketing and sales campaigns. If you are interested in viewing the full program, please download our brochure here.

Unable to make it to Philadelphia this November, feel free to join our Public Relations & Marketing Professionals LinkedIn Group. Members of this rapidly growing group will benefit by gaining access to an exclusive network of industry and academic professionals within the Healthcare arena. Members specialize in marketing, social media, mobile marketing, new product launches, digital, content creation, branding, sales, PR and more. 

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