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“Research shows that up to 70% of what we learn is forgotten within 24 hours. Within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90%.” – Peter Brown, The Science of Successful Learning


Most companies can end up spending thousands of dollars preparing new employees to succeed on the job. After days, maybe weeks of training they’re fully equipped, so you hope, with the knowledge and skills they need to perform well. But the moment they leave the classroom, their new knowledge rapidly begins to drains away. Within a few weeks, most of what they’ve learned has been lost and they end up remembering little of what they had learned ultimately harming your company ROI. Sound familiar?

If this is an all too real problem in your company, we are happy to share a recent ATD Webcast given by SwissBVS President Shahin Sobhani. In this, Shahin explores how mobile learning reinforcement can maximize your company’s learning ROI by improving employee retention and performance. An audio recording of the webcast and Shahin’s accompanying slides are available here. 

Additionally, if you are a medical device professional interested in learning how to implement new mobile reinforcement and sales enablement approaches for you and your team, consider joining us next month at the 2nd Annual MedDev eMarketing Summit East 29-30 November, 2017 – The Westin Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.

This unique event provides a platform for medical device industry marketing, product management, sales, digital and brand management executives to learn from case studies, benchmark against shared best practices and understand key criteria needed in order to effectively initiate and leverage a digital marketing campaign for product and brand success. November’s event includes an interactive and dialogue-driven environment filled with panel discussions, engaging case-studies, roundtables, “TED-style” talks, keynotes, hands-on sessions and more providing unbridled access to best practices, valuable insights, tools and techniques for making the most of your marketing and sales campaigns. If you are interested in viewing the full program, please download our brochure here.

Unable to make it to Philadelphia this November, feel free to join our Public Relations & Marketing Professionals LinkedIn Group. Members of this rapidly growing group will benefit by gaining access to an exclusive network of industry and academic professionals within the Healthcare arena. Members specialize in marketing, social media, mobile marketing, new product launches, digital, content creation, branding, sales, PR and more. 

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