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2020 Reputation Strategy Summit

January 28-29, 2020 | New York, NY

Join Pascale Communications this month for the industry’s only interactive and fun, ‘TED-style’ Reputation Strategy Summit. If you are a communications professional, C suite exec, or an entrepreneur learning to understand the importance of reputation, this is for you. Ensure your business can plan and respond to any reputational threat by registering your team TODAY!


In a previous post, I mentioned checking in with your clients finding out if their impressions of your reputation aligns with what you want to project. We did this at Pascale recently to reset our vocabulary in a way. What our clients think of us means everything to me, it is the lifeblood of our work in PR, it shows our value. So I listened to what our clients said, and literally, almost every single one used the word responsive. Responsive is our culture, it is our reputation and I said, I am going to own that: #ResponsiveAF. Oh yeah, it’s certainly cheeky, but it’s accurate, and our clients came up with it!

One long-time client summed up the “essence” of working with Pascale as “vital vitality.”  “Their consistent and enduring energy level is refreshing, and well, vital to getting things accomplished.  Somehow Georgette has managed to distill that personal Brand quality into a trait carried by everyone at her organization, and regardless of the work product, that become a part of Pascale’s reputation.”

Two other key words that came up frequently with our clients were committed and flexible. I use these examples not to brag, well not too much, but to also show how devastating it would be to lose any of these adjectives my team has worked so hard to foster and embody. Any situation, from a minor disappointment to a major disaster can strip you of the pieces—those building blocks—of your reputation. If there is anything we have learned in the 24-7 news cycle we live in today, it’s that negative PR happens—no brand, company or individual is without exposure. Don’t risk even one of the attributes your clients use to describe your reputation. Develop your strategy today.


According to Reputation Institute the top 10 trends driving reputation management in 2020:

  1. Know Who You Are First, And Stick To It
  2. The Big Data Revolution Will Have Consequences
  3. Reputation Management Will Be A Long Journey
  4. The CCO Will Lead Reputation Management In 2020
  5. Employees Will Be Your Reputation Ambassadors
  6. Reputation Management Will Increase The Value Of The Business
  7. Stakeholders Will Increase In Numbers And Influence
  8. Personalized Messaging Will Be The Norm
  9. Industry Reputations Will More Closely Affect Individual Companies
  10. Social Relevance Will Help Companies, Products And Services Stand Out From The Crowd

As part of my talk, Protect your Rep 101: Old School, New School and all in Between, we will discuss what has changed with reputation management and what has not (and never will). Of course, I will also fill you in on what you can expect in the months and years ahead. Ensure your business can plan and respond to any reputational threat by registering your team TODAY!


To see the 2020 program please go to www.curtiscoulter.com/reputation


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