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Social and Digital Empowerment of Patient Communities: Sharing GSK’s Living with Lupus Story

Creating the ultimate digital customer experience is a goal that organizations across all types of industries are talking about. Healthcare organizations should be at the top of the list, working to make their practices positively connect with their patient communities, digitally.

Healthcare marketing continues to revolve around patients’ needs and wants. This trend continues as has the growth in patient-friendly online content, and so must marketing to reach and engage them effectively. Patients across all categories continue to look for help with everything from education, option evaluation, condition management, and so on.

To serve patients better, marketers need to step-up their role and consider implementing strategies including the re-imagined patient portal, targeting patient groups through GEO-specific SEO, mobile friendly sites, strategically placed sponsored content, and finally video. Are you and your brand effectively engaging your patient communities in the best way you possibly can?

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This week’s available presentation is titled “Social and Digital Empowerment of Patients: GSK’s Living with Lupus Story from patient digital marketing leadership pioneer, Daemion Johnson, Product Director, Disease Awareness & External Engagement, Immunology Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline. This presentation examines the growth and pivot in patient marketing and education from products to stories you tell, with a background on the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus community in the U.S, GSK’s campaign objectives for self-management, support, empowerment and communication, the increase in demand for B2C disease awareness information and the path ahead. Particular focus on patient influencers to develop content, social campaigns for unbranded disease awareness sites and lead resources down the line. ​


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