Problem Solving through your Marketing: What is this and how can it help me?

Introducing a new product into the marketplace is risky, and companies often experience difficulties – especially in the healthcare and medical device world. Sometimes, the product is suitable but there is a problem with one of the steps required for a marketing plan. If a company fails to carry out its marketing activities diligently, the product introduction can fail. You can solve such problems if you can identify where your company’s marketing went wrong and take corrective action quickly. Key criteria to pay attention to include your target market, pricing, channels, promotion amongst others. .

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This week’s available presentation is titled “Stop selling products. Start solving problems: Elevating your B2B Business via Segmentation and Digital Utilization” from medical device digital marketing leadership pioneer, Ajoy Mahtab, Former Vice President of Global Marketing at BD. This presentation examines how all customers are not created equal and who should you serve? Additionally, it covers efficiency & scalability, assessments to help our customers understand current baseline, recommendations and training to help customers achieve best practices and finally, the path to success.


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