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With special thanks to our sponsor partner Pascale Communications for providing this week’s blog. Pascale Co-Founder & CEO Georgette Pascale will be presenting the not-to-be-missed opening keynote “Reputation 101 – New School, Old School & Everything in Between” at the forthcoming 2020 Reputation Strategy Summit this January in NYC.

Your team is an extension of your company and your brand and is integral to your reputation. You could imagine it as if each member of your team is carrying a piece of it, with the ability to brighten its shine or cause it to tarnish. Part of the reason I started Pascāle was that I wanted to surround myself with amazing people I knew through current relationships. I wanted to build a diverse and unique team, with a wide breadth of knowledge.

I believe your reputation is in many ways formed and nurtured internally with the team doing the hard work of setting the brand apart. There is nothing more important than choosing the right people to work with, who will invest in your brand’s reputation and be an ambassador for your company. When there is mutual respect and strength among my group, I know that a cohesive vibe will transfer to all of our clients.

Surrounding yourself with passionate professionals that you can gel with extends to picking your clients. You always need to know when a fit is not right—a decision to turn down business can sometimes be the right call when it comes to your reputation. Maintain integrity always, take the high road, and know-how to decline business—or end agreements on a high note and with class.

Loss of Trust

Bad publicity often happens when a lie or inaccuracy is exposed. Maybe its because advertising pumped up a businesses’ capabilities causing outsized consumers’ expectations. This leads to disappointment and a loss of trust.

Organizations need to follow through with promises. Failing to do so, causes clients, customers, and employees to question the truthfulness of all current and future messaging. Mistrust sown by word of mouth and via social media can take years to repair and will often be remedied only by the number of vocal supporters eventually outnumbering the critics.

In January, I’ll be speaking as part of the industry’s only interactive and fun, ‘TED-style’ Reputation Strategy Summit. If you are a communications professional, C suite exec, or an entrepreneur learning to understand the importance of reputation, this is for you.

As part of my talk, Protect your Rep 101: Old School, New School and all in Between, we will discuss what has changed with reputation management and what has not (and never will). Of course, I will also fill you in on what you can expect in the months and years ahead.

Attendees will learn best practices and valuable lessons in how to:

  • IDENTIFY the different types of reputational threat and how to deal with them in the future
  • BUILD a reputation strategy plan and implement throughout their organization in the event of negative PR
  • DEVELOP and manage a reputation management team to deal with any future situation
  • TURN your PR vulnerability into a commercial opportunity with effective communication strategies.

Ensure your business can plan and respond to any reputational threat by registering your team TODAY!

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