Extended Duration Parenteral Products as Patient Adherence Strategies

For a number of years, extended-release parenteral formulations have garnered enormous attention due to their effective drug concentrations over extended periods and improve patient compliance through reduced administration frequency. As a result, many drug delivery systems including nano suspensions, lipid micro/nanopartoiculate systems, implants and more have been explored resulting in numerous products approved on the market. However, adherence remains one if the biggest challenges for drug manufacturers. Are you up-to-speed on the benefits of developing advanced extended-release formulations, and how these could benefit patients?

This week’s available download is titled “Extended Duration Parenteral Products as Patient Adherence Strategies” from Marian Gindy at Merck & Co. This presentation discusses patient adherence in disease management and the problem of non-adherence as well as factors affecting medication adherence. It also examines extended duration parenteral formulations and a series of examples including extended duration dosing in HIV prevention and treatment amongst others.

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