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Much more than clicks: how healthcare marketers measure engagement

Keeping up with the evolution of digital marketing is a challenge for marketers in every industry. This is especially true for healthcare marketers who need to connect to customers across the healthcare provider (HCP) spectrum. From research institutes to specialty clinics, HCPs have high expectations. They want
access to engaging, useful content from sources they trust, in a range of formats, from desktop to mobile. But new developments in digital marketing also offer brands new and better ways to understand and connect with their customers.

If your measure of campaign success focuses primarily on standard metrics, you may be making data-driven decisions on only part of the story.

They say in digital marketing, measurement is everything. But are you measuring the right data?
If your measure of campaign success focuses primarily on standard metrics like click-thru rates, you may be making data-driven decisions on only part of the story. Afterall, the “click” is only one behavior within the customer journey.

Many thanks to Wolters Kluwer for sharing this essential white-paper which deep dives into the KPIs and tools savvy digital publishers use to optimize campaigns by serving highly relevant content that provides a more valuable content experience.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to measure what matters, including ad viewability and exposure, hover rates, and conversions, among other metrics
  • Three major areas of engagement: cognitive, emotional or affective, and physical/behavioral
  • What an engaging environment looks like
  • How to optimize engagements

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