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Improving Adherence with Patient-Centric Formulations

The term “patient centered,” “patient centric,” or “patient centricity” has increasingly grown in use in the scientific community in a wide variety of contexts. Generally, patient centric medicines are recognized as an essential contributor to healthy aging and the overall patient’s quality of life and life expectancy. However, developing patient centric medicines can pose an alternative approach, away from the traditional drug development, scientific process.

Arguably the most significant compliance challenge in older people is polypharmacy, whereas for children the largest barrier is taste. Pharmaceutical technology has progressed rapidly and technologies including FDCs, multi-particulates and orodispersible dosage forms provide unprecedented opportunities to develop novel and appropriate formulations for both old and new drugs. However, it is important for the formulation scientists to work closely with patients, carers and clinicians to develop such formulations for both the paediatric and geriatric population.

By way of followup from our recent available presentations on alternative drug delivery approaches, this week’s available download is titled “Improving Adherence with Patient-Centric Formulations” from Ruby Burlage at Merck & Co. This presentation addresses the issue of medication non-adherence and multidimensional factors impacting patient adherence. It also discusses pharmaceutical product design based on target patient profile, the impact of non-adherence on treatment outcomes in diabetes, understanding dosing patterns coupled with patient engagement and the opportunity for patient-centered product design for delivery of biologics.

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