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The popularity of peptide therapeutics has increased significantly in recent years. Compared with chemical drugs, peptide drugs have little side-effects and little drug tolerance. Meanwhile, the specificity of treatment is high. Peptides are recognized for being highly selective and efficacious and, at the same time, relatively safe and well tolerated. As a result, a large number of peptide-based drugs are now being marketed. But what are peptide therapeutics and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of using them?

We wanted to share a presentation deck titled “Overcoming Drug Development Barriers for Peptide Products: Analytical, Physical and Formulation Aspects” from Tian Wu at Amgen. This talk was given during one of our previous Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Summits. This presentation gives you a brief introduction to peptide therapeutics, binding & thermal stability Issues related to Peptides, looking into Dimer and Isomerization and presenting conclusions.

Scroll through the presentation below……



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