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Improving the solubility of poorly soluble APIs remains one of the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical companies. Not to mention the lengthy and costly drug approval processes, generic incursion, rising development costs and the need for novel adherence strategies, pharma and biotech, now more than ever need to initiate effective formulation development approaches in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic performance.

One strategy to improve API solubility is to reduce the API particle size to nano scale thus increasing the dissolution rate and bioavailability. Additionally, NETZSCH (a leader in grinding, micronization & dispersing as well as analyzing & testing) are sharing their recent article titled “Rapid development of API nano-formulations from screening to production combining dual centrifugation and wet agitator bead milling” which provides an in-depth, scientific and practical approach detailing nanoformulations and nanomilling as a platform for solving solubility issues.

Would you like to learn new strategies to improve the performance of your drug products whilst reducing cost and decreasing time-to-market? 

Check out more details on the NETZSCH DeltaVita 1. Developed for rapidly progressing drugs from discovery to production phase, this benchtop technology is the world’s smallest compact bead mill. Key design benefits include the ability to screen up to 40 samples at one time, while maintaining a user-specified temperature. The unique design would enable optimal grinding and dispersing of your product, and with small batch sizes of 0.1 to 1 gram of API required for testing, this technology is an inexpensive solution for identifying the right formulation for delivery. More details below. 

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