In an ever evolving and ever changing landscape, preclinical formulation is an exciting area for drug product development. Formulation design is especially important in poorly bioavailable clinical candidates. To give meaningful results, the compound has to be dissolved as the same excipients being used in order to improve solubility or it may give unwanted effects and therefore disproportionate results.

In response, we wanted to share a presentation deck titled “Selection of clinically relevant forms & formulations using in vitro analysis & preclinical models” from Phil Snyder at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. This talk was given during one of our previous Controlled & Modfied Drug Release Summits last year. This presentation discusses using preformulation as a tool to accelerate clinical evaluation of medicines, also the physico-chemical analysis of interactions driving bioavailability and lastly the mechanisms at play in the interactions between
drugs and biological milieux.

Scroll through the presentation below……

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